Shingle Color

Your home is your most important investment, so you want it to look great. We believe that you, the homeowner, should have the final say in what kind of product you want on your house. We will be happy to offer our experience and advice concerning differing shingle products, but in the end, we want your decision to be the one YOU are most comfortable with.

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Any of our representatives will be happy to show you a sample board of your shingle types and color choices.

*Certain products may affect price.

Insurance Claims

Our inspections are free of charge! We strive to maintain good relationships with insurance companies, and will not call them out on a frivolous claim. If we find hail damage on your roof, we will meet with your adjuster to answer any questions they may have. When dealing with insurance claims, we generally work from insurance adjusters report, making you only responsible for your deductible. This eliminates the necessity and hassle of getting multiple estimates since you will already know exactly what your out of pocket expenses are. Simply put: We work for what the insurance provides plus your deductible. *

*This does not apply to Actual Cash Value policies. Any upgrades to the present roof will be an additional charge.

Installation Process

The installation of a new roof can be exciting, but as with any installation process there are things to be aware of:


  1. Make sure any wall hangings are secured or taken down as there can be vibrations during the tearing off and installation process.
  2. If you have pets, you may want to bring them inside during the installation process or find an alternate location for their own safety. Due to the nature of the job there may be a chance of debris sliding off of the roof and possibly causing injury to your pet.
  3. Our crews will need access to electrical outlets. If there are no exterior outlets, we will need access to the outlets inside the home and will need someone home at the start of the job give access.
  4. Please DO NOT park your car within ten feet of your house during installation to insure that there will be no damage to your vehicle.
  5. One of our representatives will need to do a pre-construction inspection of the exterior and interior of your home to make sure that any pre-existing damage is noted, and to make sure that if any damage is incurred during installation that we will correct it.

Our crews will:

  1. Always act in a professional and courteous manner
  2. Maintain a clean work area.
  3. Clean yard and driveway with a magnetic nail bar to remove any excess nails that may have fallen off the roof.
  4. Waterproof your home before they leave the jobsite for the day.
  5. Exceed your expectations!