There are two major classifications of metal roofing, Architectural and Structural.  Architectural systems are designed for appearance.  They are usually used only on steep slopes of 3″ foot slope or greater.  Architectural metal roofing systems need solid under support and use underlayment felts for additional “waterproofing.”  The gauge of materials used, are generally a lighter gauge metals ranging between 24-26 gauge.  Structural systems are used on low slope roofs.  They can include a separate structure and are generally insulated with fiberglass batts.  Materials used are generally heavier gauge steel, depending on the design.

The two major types of metal roofing are Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems and Corrugated.  Unlike the corrugated system, the seamed system is most reliable due to unexposed fasteners that prevent leaking as the system ages.

Advantages of Metal Roofing Systems

  • Lightweight
  • Long life
  • Hail resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Great Life-Cycle cost
  • Extended warranties available