Interior Painting


We start by putting ourselves in your shoes: “What would we want in our home?” and this is just the tip of the iceberg from what the Gaspard Morgan team came up with:

  • Masking is a big deal! We want to make sure your all your floors and furniture are thoroughly covered so that they look just like they did before we got there (and after our professional painting, a lot of times they look better)!
  • Straight lines! We are serious about straight lines, especially where a darker colored wall meets lighter colored trim.
  • Help with material choices. There are so many things to choose from! As part of the Gaspard Morgan service, we work with you to help you understand the differences in materials, including cost, so that you receive the highest quality job for your investment
  • Satisfaction. You want a home you can be proud to show off to your family and friends and we do to because your satisfaction helps us get more business!
  • Hassel free service. You don’t want unnecessary delays or unwanted “attitude.” We have honed our art of creating overly satisfied customers for 5 generations. For Gaspard Morgan, the only way to do business is to ensure your satisfaction by being knowledgeable, courteous, and hassle free!

We Have No Secrets! This Is Interior Painting the Gaspard Morgan Way:

  • Thoroughly mask flooring and furniture
  • Remove switch plates and vents
  • Fill Nail holes and prime any stains or bare wood
  • Lightly sand wood surfaces to be painted
  • Re-caulk along ALL trim and doors (when being painted)
  • Repair drywall as noted on estimate
  • Apply high quality paints
  • Complete clean-up
  • Final walkthrough with homeowner and Gaspard Morgan representative

Painting Stained Wood

The Gaspard Morgan Team’ expertise at transforming your cabinets or paneling from stained wood to a beautiful painted surface is unparalleled. Ours is a multi-step process that will ensure a long lasting finish. We start by first thoroughly masking the entire area to be painted. The wood is then lightly sanded and cleaned. Next the seams are caulked to fill gaps that will become visible once painted. After the caulking has dried, two coats of top quality primer are applied. Lastly, two coats of oil enamel are then applied. All four coats are sprayed instead of brushed to give wood a smooth, professional finish.

What you should know: Choosing Sheen

When choosing an interior paint sheen there are several factors that can help determine which will be the best for you and your particular situation. Walls are most commonly painted with a flat paint, which has the least amount of sheen. Flat paint touches up very well, hides wall imperfections better and is less affected by differences in lighting. In contrast, higher sheen paints such as satin and semi-gloss do not touch up as well. They also tend to accentuate imperfections more and will reflect light causing the color to appear different in different lighting. However, higher sheen paints are washable and will resist moisture better. These properties make a satin a good choice for high traffic areas such as hallways, stairways, high moisture areas such as bathrooms, and, for those families who need the ease of washibility due to having small children or pets in the home.

Another factor to consider is price. Higher sheens will cost slightly more due to material costs and higher degree of difficulty in application.

Whichever sheen you decide, you can rest easy knowing that the expertise of the Gaspard Morgan painting team will make sure your decision looks GREAT!

If you have any questions on a specific project or would like a quote, please call us today at 214-295-6215 to schedule an appointment with one of the Gaspard Morgan team who will be happy to discuss benefits, features, options, and investments or use our online quote page