Exterior Painting

When talking about durability, the most important factors are the preparation process and quality of products used. We strive to provide the highest quality service using only the highest quality materials. It is our goal to ensure your satisfaction by being knowledgeable in our field, courteous, and hassle free!

Our Process

  • Spray house with TSP (to kill mildew)
  • Power wash house
  • Nail Down Loose Boards
  • Scrape and sand peeling and blistering paint
  • Prime all exposed wood and stains
  • Caulk and seal ALL seams, joints and nail holes (not a “spot” caulk)
  • Mask off brick, windows, landscaping, pool and light fixtures
  • Apply high quality, full strength paint
  • Backroll (apply additional coat) porous surfaces such as rough cedar
  • Re-caulk all windows
  • Wire brush metal window and door lentils and apply rust-inhibitive metal paint
  • Completely clean job site
  • Final walkthrough with homeowner and Gaspard Morgan representative


Choosing Color and Sheen

When choosing between a dark vs. light color and a shiny vs. dull finish, there are several things to keep in mind. The decision is usually between aesthetics and durability. Lighter colors and glossier paints tend to hold up better, but you may not want to have the shiniest house on the block. You should also consider the color of your brick and mortar. You may find that a darker color coordinates with better with your brick. Call to have one of our trained staff asses your project.