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Our Mission: Gaspard & Morgan’s mission is to provide exceptional customer experience and unmatched quality of workmanship.  We strive to do this through customer care and education, high quality products and installation and standing behind every job.  Gaspard & Morgan was started by Jonathan Gaspard and Jared Morgan 9 years ago; Jonathan is 5th generation roofing and general contractor and Jared has 20 years in construction project management. We are GAF Certified and have run a debt free company since our founding. Together we strive to create an atmosphere where customer service is not a tagline, but a reality. 

Customer Experience:  At Gaspard & Morgan we believe the customer is not a profit margin they are a valued relationship. We know that truly serving and looking after the needs of our customer base will ensure repeat business and establish customer loyalty.  We don’t want a customer for a contract; we want a customer for life.

Company Character:  We believe that Character rewards itself.  Whether dealing with an insurance company, sub-contractor or customer honesty must be our foundation.  We understand and recognize that our industry has earned a reputation for dishonesty and we look for every opportunity to return customer confidence to it.